Put visual intelligence to work

Ovenbird hosts image and video processing algorithms of high complexity, for applications such as: event detection, segmentation, shape analysis, measurements and recognition. Do not deprive yourself from deploying this growing technology into your business.

Your needs first

Ovenbird is specially tailored for industrial environments. It is conceived to easily implement an industrial vision based solution focusing on processing algorithms and customer requirements. It provides out-of-the-box camera acquisition, database and communication functionalities along with a flexible architecture for algorithm design.


Ovenbird natively supports communication with multi-brand network cameras, standard PLC protocols and databases integrating seamlessly into industrial buses.

In-house server

Ovenbird is deployed into a standard Windows-based server/workstation connected to your local network. This server communicates with the different devices in your industry, working as a stand-alone system. It processes the images acquired from one or more cameras, and sends back results in realtime to your industry infrastructure (PLCs, databases, alarms). Ovenbird also integrates a full web interface for monitoring and database browsing.


Platform license

Per computer vision solution.
One license can handle one or more cameras
depending on application.

Algorithm license

We provide the R&D service
for the artificial intelligence modules.
And you own the code.


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